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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Yes, I'm still here. Mom has found out about my blog as well. I don't mind it at all. As a matter of fact, I told her she should check it more often since I don't always feel like telling her everything :P

As for me, I'm still looking for a nice place to work. Is that too much to ask?! I have got a few offers, but there was always something about the place (and by that I mean restaurant) or the chef that upset me. But I'm not losing hope.

And so just then, my cousin Emma phoned and told me about this friend of hers who was having a small engagement party. Since it hadn't been expected, she had no idea what to do. She is not that rich either and could not afford too much, but at the same time she wants something really nice.

Emma told her how a great chef I was and that I could cater the whole PARTY for her!!!

I absolutely froze in my place when she told me about this. She was so happy she did and I was so nervous that I started going around in circles and finally tripped over and fell on my face. Serves me right.

Anyway, of course I had to say yes. This is my chance and not just that, but I could not disappoint 1. Emma (who so believes in me) 2. Julia (the girl whose party I'm catering) and 3. Me as I deserve to do this.

I have no plan yet. I have to get ready pronto as I only have TEN DAYS left and I've just learned there will be around 70 guests! She said they were only 50.

I already have a menu in my head, but I need to sit down with her and discuss her likes and dislikes and anything else regarding food. And her bloody mobile is always off.

But let me tell you before I forget about the psychic who read for me and Emma. We were sitting at some old coffee shop when this weird-looking woman approached us. I don't mean weird as in strange or freaky, but she looked like psychics you see in the movies or rather like a goth. Anyway, she asked if we were interested in a reading. And mind you, she had been sitting reading and had asked no one but us. May be because Emma and I look young and idiotic? Have no idea really.

But the thing is Emma was so excited and agreed right away. She told us she would give us two readings for 15 pounds and Emma told her she would pay only ten. The woman agreed.

I said nothing and the woman realized I was eying her from head to toe skeptically.

First she told Emma that she had two younger brothers. Now how the hell did she know that? She could not have heard us as we hadn't mentioned them at all earlier and she couldn't have known her as Emma did not live in the area.

Anyway, she told her stuff about the one she liked.

She turned to me, "Would you like a reading?"

I said OK.

She told me I come from very far and that my parents do not live with me! Then she proceeds to tell me about what I like and she told me things would get much better for me. She also said there's a great chance I might find the one for me in 2007 and described him a little.

She turned out to be really interesting. She even started telling us about herself. So, we ended up friends.

Have to go now. Salams!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Since no one has guessed where I am, let me tell you. *Suspense* Well, I was in Scotland. I hadn't traveled there before. But I'll tell you more about it later as I have more things on my mind.

Kareem lately asked about what I do for a living. Well, I studied Business Administration. But then I have always loved... COOKING AND BAKING. Yes, so when I was in the States years ago, I went to this culinary school to become a chef. Of course, you can't work as a chef right away. It takes years and years. If anyone reading this watched "Hell's Kitchen" that was showing on MBC4 lately, you'd get the idea of the type of work I'm in love with.

Anyway, of course my father has never been in love with this idea. Mom doesn't mind as she believes I should do what I want and love (thanks, Mom!). I used to work in Egypt a year or two ago as an administrative assistant. Months later, I hated the job, my work mates and any sort of paper work. I quit even though the salary was good. But I never felt fulfilled.

Anyway, all this time I kept thinking and thinking about being a chef in Egypt. It can be done, of course, but I believe doing it somewhere like England will be another whole experience. I truly think so.

And so after persuading my parents, assuring my father all would be well and things like that, they finally agreed to allow me to go to England for sometime where I could stay with my grandmother.

So, here I am. And I think very soon, I shall be a chef assistant. I've been seeing chefs and emailing my resume. Hooray!

I'll write more later, but granny is calling me now.

Oh and by the way, I was sitting at this coffee shop days ago with my favorite cousin, Emma, when this psychic approached us and told us some amazing stuff. More next time ;)

Sunday, January 21, 2007

OK, you're all wondering where I am, right? How about I leave you like that? The first one who guesses right will be a lucky winner of... oh wait, I have nothing to offer... will be a winner w khalas :)

Anyway, guess who called me one month ago?! You have to guess.


That's right. The one who was almost my future husband. The one I was with for almost FIVE years. We broke up a couple of years ago. We had never ever talked or anything until one month ago.

My cell phone rang. There was this strange number. I answer.

Me: Hello?


Me: (impatient) Hellooo?!

Him: Ezayek?

I was too shocked/surprised/amazed to say anything while trying to "get" that he's actually on the other side talking to me! I didn't say a word.

Him: Are you there?

Me: (taking hold of myself and deciding to have a little kick out of it) Who is this?

Him: It's me (utters his name).

Me: Oh... What do you want? (I was too formal and really happy I was in control)

Him: I miss you.

And I think "You bastard! After all that you have done to hurt me, after being mean to me and treating me with your psycho-like attitude, shouting and screaming at me, making me believe I was some horrible creature...Oh no, not again. We're over once and for all."

Me: WHAT?!! (I laugh aloud).

Him: I have actually wanted to call you since ever, but never knew what to say.

Me: And you do now?

Him: Can we start again?

Me: OH MY GOD! Start what again???

Him: I can't forget you. I haven't stopped thinking about you.

Me: I have.


Me: I have a new life, and probably a new job soon and I'm leaving the country soon. And you know what? I don't need this or you. Enough is enough. I can't be blind twice. It's true I cried so much over you. There was a time I thought I'd die. I needed you so much and you were not there. You ignored and humiliated me. I've matured. And above all... I'm happily with someone who makes me feel I'm his whole world and doesn't yell or shout at me.

(OK, I'm not with someone but there's someone I really like ;) but I had to say that.

Him: Oh... I... OK ...I ...

Me: Have to go. Bye.

Hang up.

More later.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It's been a year since I last blogged. Seriously. I mean given the fact that this is my first post ever in 2007! WOW! Wishing everyone a great year ahead...

I was overwhelmed with the amount of emails and comments I received here asking about me. Kidding. Dear Raghooda was the only one asking about me. Where is everyone?!

I've not just been off line. I've been off life as well. I haven't been answering my cell phone, talking to anyone or seeing anyone. Hell, I haven't even checked my email in ages. I even forgot my password for a minute then recalled it. Go ahead and laugh. It happens, you know.

And now for another blast...

I'm not in Egypt anymore. And it seems I won't return any time soon. I will leave you guessing for now where I might be.

I still have to check all my friends' blogs and read my forgotten-almost-deleted emails.

I have all kinds of news. So until next time. Have to go now.