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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I know I've been long gone, but well I have my reasons... you know with getting married soon and all ;)

My parents have finally agreed to talk to him and well, alhamdullilah they like him so much more now. I think my parents wanted me to marry Prince William so anyone else was the wrong choice!

I think we'll have the wedding here in the US. We don't have many relations or family in Egypt. Besides, we can have another small party in Egypt when we get there later.

I also think we won't move to Canada right away.

I'm so happy... I mean I'm so worried about lots of things... but that's normal, right? I know deep in my heart I'm making the right choice and to those who thought they didn't believe in Destiny, I'm a very good example :)

Take care you all!

Friday, April 06, 2007

The Last

thing I ever thought was that I would be married in a matter of days...

I have been getting lots of emails from friends and comments asking me what exactly is going on.

In short, this is the man of my dreams, the love of my life. We were never really in a relationship. We met at the wrong time and place. And when he was free, I was with the ex-moron.

But I dearly loved him. Only I could not do anything about it. We never went out together back then or phoned. But somehow due to many reasons, we got to know one another well.

My parents didn't even get the chance to know him well.

I thought of him again when my granny was sick. I emailed and sent him txt messages him and he responded, telling me he had never really got over me and that he would do anything to be with me. He told me he was now in the US.

So, when my parents and granny suggested we went to the US, I took it as a sign and told him. He was so thrilled he cried that day when I told him.

I met him that day Emma and I went to Central Park. I hadn't told Emma anything about him. He met us there. I introduced him to her as an old friend. Luckily, Emma decided to take a walk around the place, leaving us alone. We talked for a whole hour. Then he asked to see me the following day.

We met and 30 minutes later, he got down on one knee and proposed.

I wept.

That must be love. I know.

I have no freaking idea why my parents don't like him. The guy is very genuine. He's also very religious and sincere. And no, he's not after my money. He's richer than us.

He's an Egyptian by the way, but holds the Canadian nationality.

So, we're going to live in Canada :)

Where am I now? I'm still in the US, but it's only a matter of days...

Where am I staying? I've decided to leave my parents' house. I wanted to stay at a hotel, but he refused. I'm actually at his mother's right now (his dad is dead) and sister's. And they are beyond kind to me. Makes me feel more ashamed about my parents' attitude.

More later. I have to go now. Wish me luck and happiness.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Forgive Me


I know you've been crying and worried about me. I'm fine. I assure you I am. I haven't lied to you as you told me in your email. I swear to you I was going to travel the world with Emma and had indeed prepared everything.

He came along and changed everything. Why don't you get that?

You and dad didn't want to give him any chance. You didn't even want to listen.

He's the love of my life. I lost him once, mom. I can't lose him again. I won't forgive myself. He's done everything for me, mom. And no, all this time we were NOT talking. I hadn't talked to him for three whole years until recently when we met in the US.

Remember the day I went to Central Park and came back with that dazed smile? I saw him that day and we talked and talked...It was like a movie. Out of nowhere, he was there before me. I only got in touch with him when I was in England and was scared shitless next to granny at the hospital. I emailed him because he made me feel safe.

I emailed him because I loved him.

I'm more than fine, mom.

I only wished you were there with me on my wedding day.

Take care,


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