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Friday, April 06, 2007

The Last

thing I ever thought was that I would be married in a matter of days...

I have been getting lots of emails from friends and comments asking me what exactly is going on.

In short, this is the man of my dreams, the love of my life. We were never really in a relationship. We met at the wrong time and place. And when he was free, I was with the ex-moron.

But I dearly loved him. Only I could not do anything about it. We never went out together back then or phoned. But somehow due to many reasons, we got to know one another well.

My parents didn't even get the chance to know him well.

I thought of him again when my granny was sick. I emailed and sent him txt messages him and he responded, telling me he had never really got over me and that he would do anything to be with me. He told me he was now in the US.

So, when my parents and granny suggested we went to the US, I took it as a sign and told him. He was so thrilled he cried that day when I told him.

I met him that day Emma and I went to Central Park. I hadn't told Emma anything about him. He met us there. I introduced him to her as an old friend. Luckily, Emma decided to take a walk around the place, leaving us alone. We talked for a whole hour. Then he asked to see me the following day.

We met and 30 minutes later, he got down on one knee and proposed.

I wept.

That must be love. I know.

I have no freaking idea why my parents don't like him. The guy is very genuine. He's also very religious and sincere. And no, he's not after my money. He's richer than us.

He's an Egyptian by the way, but holds the Canadian nationality.

So, we're going to live in Canada :)

Where am I now? I'm still in the US, but it's only a matter of days...

Where am I staying? I've decided to leave my parents' house. I wanted to stay at a hotel, but he refused. I'm actually at his mother's right now (his dad is dead) and sister's. And they are beyond kind to me. Makes me feel more ashamed about my parents' attitude.

More later. I have to go now. Wish me luck and happiness.


Deeeeeee said...

Well, I've been checking your blog for a loooong time and the last post you sent, I couldn't comment cause I couldn't find anything to say (thinking it was the EX.). SERIOUSLY I'm RELIEVED its not! Congratulations!! Get engaged!!!!:D
...And remember to take your time! Happy for ya! :D

Mak said...

Eh da.... I thought it was the EX too.... kool this ain't so bad. :D Just kidding.

If he's as great as you say he is then it's only a matter of time before your parents accept him and see that you're happy. That's really all they want. Good luck.

Ra3d said...

Mystery: ( long relieving sigh) el 7amdulillah u're not married yet.
Can you try to talk with ur parents abit more with som epatience about him & why not they accept it?
sometimes parents have some rationale that's true,call it instinct or maturity but it worth sometimes listening to. they don't know him that well so i dont think they're blindly hating him,listen mystery to them & take sometimes,why the rash!!! ur too young & just reunited days ago. Can't you just get engaged for sometimes & during which u try to narrow the gap between parents & him?
sorry 4 interferring but i'm really acting equally as if it's my sister at same situtaion.

plzzzzzzzz, hold on abit,talk & listen more to wht they've.

God bless all your moves

Ra3d said...

if u care 4 some talk abt this ,email me & will be glad to share:

Fadfadation said...



Fadfadation said...

I completely agree with Ra3d.

Please listen to her opinion.

E N G Y said...

Don't let it go, just try your hard o get ut parents in your side, but NEVER let ur love go.
You won't find it again, and will regret and won't forgive yourself ever.
If you leave him, he will be able to start again, eventually he will.but you won't ever be able to start again.

Anonymous said...

Wishing you the best of luck and all the beautiful things in the world.
Bas walahi 3an tagrooba, parents know better..believe me...take your time and try to get them in your side...mayenfa3sh teb2i lwa7dak in this..

bibi-aisha said...

This seems like kismet,n it is very romantic, n it wud b perfect if ur parents were happy. I agree with ra3d tho. I hope it works out 4u!

Mystery said...

Dear friends,

Your comments mean a lot to me :) I'm so touched right now...

Jannah said...

Dearest Mystery,

Things have been changing very quickly with you sub7anAllah, from the cooking career, to travelling, and now to marriage.

I got excited when I read your post, and didn't think you needed time at all, until I read Ra3d's comment. I vote for engagement, just a few months, to think every detail over rationally.
However, if you've all agreed on all the arrangements, then please, just pray istekhara.
I ask Allah to make you happy, and to be with you all along. Amen.

Congratulations for finding him again! Sub7anAllah, our other halves our out there waiting for us... this is so true!