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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Forgive Me


I know you've been crying and worried about me. I'm fine. I assure you I am. I haven't lied to you as you told me in your email. I swear to you I was going to travel the world with Emma and had indeed prepared everything.

He came along and changed everything. Why don't you get that?

You and dad didn't want to give him any chance. You didn't even want to listen.

He's the love of my life. I lost him once, mom. I can't lose him again. I won't forgive myself. He's done everything for me, mom. And no, all this time we were NOT talking. I hadn't talked to him for three whole years until recently when we met in the US.

Remember the day I went to Central Park and came back with that dazed smile? I saw him that day and we talked and talked...It was like a movie. Out of nowhere, he was there before me. I only got in touch with him when I was in England and was scared shitless next to granny at the hospital. I emailed him because he made me feel safe.

I emailed him because I loved him.

I'm more than fine, mom.

I only wished you were there with me on my wedding day.

Take care,


Friends, please post nice comments only.



Ra3d said...

so are you married now ??? (OMG).
i mean,,congratulations,if you're happy this is all what matters.
you just wanna hear nice things so let's postpone any rational questions. for now, enjoy the reunion

Mak said...

You're kidding right? Aprils fool?


Wow... I'm lost for words.... Mabrouk. Wishing you all the happiness.

I guess this means no pics or reviews.... :)

Fadfadation said...

I can imagine how diffecult it is to marry without your parents being with you. God be with you all ISA.

As Ra3d said, lets, no time for rational questions now.


Mystery said...

Ra3d: No, not married. Not yet anyway but hopefully soon inshallah :D

Yes, I am and shall be happier. The hole thing is very complicated. Will try to explain it all here in a post soon.

No, you can ask/say anything Ra3d.

Mak: Nope, not April's fools day, I'm afraid.

Yes no pics or reviews. Allah yebarek feek. 3o2balak.

Fad: Yes it's very hard. Much harder than I thought. I still pray they will change their minds soon, still. Thanks :)

Italiano said...


You're kidding, right? I actually thought this was April's fool when your mom called mine (all the way from the US) to complain to her!