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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I know I've been long gone, but well I have my reasons... you know with getting married soon and all ;)

My parents have finally agreed to talk to him and well, alhamdullilah they like him so much more now. I think my parents wanted me to marry Prince William so anyone else was the wrong choice!

I think we'll have the wedding here in the US. We don't have many relations or family in Egypt. Besides, we can have another small party in Egypt when we get there later.

I also think we won't move to Canada right away.

I'm so happy... I mean I'm so worried about lots of things... but that's normal, right? I know deep in my heart I'm making the right choice and to those who thought they didn't believe in Destiny, I'm a very good example :)

Take care you all!


nesrina said...

Wonderful news masha2 Allah, I am sooooooo happy for you.
Take care dear.

E N G Y said...

I am so happy to hear these news.

Ra3d said...

mystery: now i can say a bright future is waiting you inshallaah, won't be that perfect if ur parents are not involved, congrats dear, i was sure you'll do the right thing, God bliss ur steps

Fadfadation said...

The Prophet used to say this for new weds:

"Barak Allah lakoma Waa barak 3alaykoma waa jama3a baynakom fy 7'ayr"

God bless :)

Anonymous said...

yaaaaaaaaaaay....alf mabrook :D

the lonely twin said...

hey after reading your story I just thought... man... if people are meant to be they will end up together anyway.... your story is amazing and touching... hope you have a blast :D

Outlandish said...

Hey mystery girl… I was always told I'm mysterious, maybe that's why I was attracted by the name of your blog :)

I enjoyed reading your entries, I really love the way you follow your heart and dreams and I'm happy you finally got to be with the man of your dreams, it's destiny, you were destined to meet again… wish you all the best and stay on the surface more often, don't disappear :)

SaRaH said...

I am really happy to hear this news Hoping all the best for you and your future huby

Mak said...

well well well. That's excellent news. It wouldn't have been the same without your parents.... it just keeps getting better and better..... :D

I'm still upset about the reviews and pics though...... you tricked us :P

nousha said...

Mabroooooook :-)

Ra3d said...

mystery: why no news dear,, should i be worried !!!!! or content that ur definitely happily busy :D
one word to confirm plzzzzzzzzzzzzz