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Friday, March 16, 2007

OK, most of you have been asking me to blog more about that "someone". Oh well, here I am.

I met him at Julia's engagement party which I proudly catered sometime ago. He's actually half Lebanese, half English. He's very handsome and very ...I don't know - sweet, I guess :)

But I don't think he's MY someone, if you know what I mean. He is still confused about life, himself and what he wants, finding a decent job...etc. The usual stuff, you know.

And I think he wants to stay in England for a long time. OK, I love England, but I can't see myself living here for long years. I don't know.

Mom wants to me to return to Egypt, but I might go with my dad for a while to the US :D

Anyway, a friend of mine read this book and was telling me that there are TEN questions to ask the one you're about to marry or who has proposed to you just to make sure they're the one for you (applies to both males and females):

1. What are your ambitions, things you hope to achieve in life and what are your goals?

2. What is mariage to you? (I used to ask guys who proposed/been introduced to me that questions and they'd either turn blue or smile like idiots. Believe me, it's a very hard question!)

3. What are the traits that must be present in YOUR someone? (Used to ask that, too. I should write a book, people!)

4. Do you think having a child (or conceiving one) in the first year of marriage is a must/obligation?

5. Are there any illnesses you suffer from? (I don't think many people will be 100% honest with you on that one.)

6. Are you social? Who are your friends?

7. What's your relationship with your parents/brothers/sisters? (It doesn't need a question, you CAN often easily notice such things)

8. What are your hobbies? How do you like to spend your free time?

9. Do you do any voluntary/charity work?

10. How would you feel if my mother or yours interfered in our relationship or life later?

Let's consider this a questionnaire and I really want my friends here to be honest and answer. No one's watching so just vent away! I'm tagging (ba3d eznokom ya gama3a ya3ny and if you don't feel like it ignore my humble request :P) Kareem, Ra3d, Italiano (whose last post cracked me but I haven't posted a comment yet), Engy, Sou, Mak, Nerro, Nesrina and anyone else willing to share his thoughts.

I'll post my answers tomorrow insha2Allah. Gotta go now.

Oh by the way, I think you should also ask how important religion is to that person, if he prays regularly..etc. This is extremely important for religious people.

P.S. I loved your last post, Kareem but for some reason Blogger didn't allow me to comment and totally ignored me :(


Anonymous said...

Am glad your grandma is doing better..7amdela 3ala salametha..Will do the tag soon mystery :)

Ra3d said...

finally the someone here ;).
i guess give both of u more space to see if u can be together or no.

hmm, u talked very little about him & then distracted us with the tag ;). 7ader ya mystery, my pleasure to do it soon

Italiano said...

I'll certainly do that one. I even think it'll make me focus on what I want in a wife :)

Nesrina said...

I don't know what it is with guys these days, they are all distracted and lost keda ...they don't know what they want and unfocused... good luck and give yourself the time to know him better.
About the tag … thanks and it's in process :D

Mak said...

"Let me tell you about this guy I met. There's this guy I met and here's a tag for you."

Very interesting ya Mystery... :P

BTW this tag is very difficult... it feels like I'm taking an exam for a course I never even registered for.

Ra3d said...

tag is done mystery at my space. malkish 7ega ba2a, ya rit tekteby mainly abt that someone we balash ghalwasha :P

the tag is verrrrrry cool btw, i enjoyed ,thnx

Fadfadation said...

my my, do i have a lot of blog posts to read...