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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Where Am I?

So, where am I now?


OK, it starts with an "n".

Haven't been around lately, I know. I'll tell you all next time.

Oh and it turns out I know Italiano in real life. His mom knows my mom. Hehe. I mean I was sure I had seen him before. We have only met twice or so before. He's not as toxic as he seems on his blog, by the way. Don't let him fool you. He's very nice ;) LOL.

Till next time...


Mak said...

Norway, Netherlands, Norfolk, nowhere???

You know Italiano? What a coincidence.

Yalla... tell us what's going on.

Mystery said...

Hehe, no, Mak none of those really...

It's very easy. Come on!

Yes, I do. His mom knows mine. I mean when he had his photo in his profile before, I knew I had seen him somewhere and even said so in a comment here to him.

We are not close friends but we still know one another well. He's really nice and has that "dark" side even when you've met him for the first time. LOL

Italiano said...

I know but I'm not saying :D

And it's a city, not a country.

I'm evil, what did you think?

Ra3d said...

NewYork. i feel so:)
italiano !!! u marketize greatly for him here. he should be grateful instead of evil i believe:P

Mystery said...

Ra3d, how did you know?!!!

Bingo :)

I'm not marketing or advertising Italiano. He hates it in fact which is why I'm doing it :D To upset him :P

Mak said...

Ok... so you did go to the states like you said. I kinda envy you being able to travel freely like this.

What are you doing there?

Mystery said...

Hey, Mak read my latest post :)

Ra3d said...

Mystery: female intuition dear :)
lol @ reason why.