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Thursday, March 29, 2007

So, can you tell which one I am? :)

And yes Ra3d, I'm in New York.

Remember when I said earlier I was about to do something amazing and unbelievable? Well, Emma and I have decided to...well...TOUR THE WORLD!

I'm not kidding. Of course, it will not be possible to visit every country. It all started when we sat down together one day and started listing all the places we want to go. It hit me then. Why don't we do it? What are we waiting for? If not now, then WHEN?

She totally agreed and was so excited. Apart from having a VERY hard time talking my parents INTO the whole thing, I've succeeded. Right now, I'm with my parents, Emma and grandmother for a while in the US. I won't tell you about our list of places to go. I'll do it one at a time. I've been to the US before so it doesn't count :D

I just hope Emma and I don't get tired or bored or whatever in the middle of it and that nothing ruins our journey and we return home safe and sound.

I know many people will disapprove of the idea of two girls traveling the world alone. My father has repeatedly suggested going with us. I love you dad, but please I need to do this alone.

I need to clear my mind and figure out what I want in life. It's not that I'm confused. I'm just blurred and need some fun :-)

And some of you might be wondering in your little evil heads about how FAR I would go with guys I meet. I would be alone and vulnerable, right?


My answer to you is "No way! I'm not cheap and I believe in marriage. Would never sleep with anyone but my husband."

We have been here for a week. Emma and I went shopping today. We went to Staten Island Mall and we bought some fantastic clothes!

Yesterday, we had lunch at Hard Rock Cafe International. The day before we spent most of the day at Central Park. This is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to!

Have to go now. More later.


Ra3d said...

wow wow wow. ur doing a great thing that we almost dreamt of but never bring to reality.
have the best fun ever mystery & don't miss a moment without doing a crazy adventerous thing wherever you'll go in ur world journey.
akid u'll be shopping here & there,females' priority.:D

i guess ur the one at the left. with short dark hair,wide eyes & closed mouth smile :). intuition again,,,am i right!!!

Mak said...

ya gamed.... way 2 go... 3ayzeen reviews w travel guides w pics. Everyone's talking about Central park... I must visit someday.

I guess you're the one the left too. So I guess this makes the one on the right Emma and the one in the back some dude who really wants to be in the pic... :D

Italiano said...

I know which one you are! :D But I'm not saying.

And cheers to you for embarking on such a journey and adventure.

Hey, where's that email I've been waiting for?

greyscale said...

the one on the right looks more british so that's my guess:)

hope you have fun touring the world and i too demand pics and reviews!

Fadfadation said...

You're the one in tha back!! lol

i'll go against the others and say, you're the one on the right. Although it makes no sense since she looks more British :)

Mystery said...

Yes, I'm the one on the left with the dark hair :)

Ra3d said...

so we shot right:)
hard luck fadafadtion we khaly 3endak yenfa3ak;) :P

u look so cute & lovely mystery

Fadfadation said...

lol, i was pulling her leg ya Ra3d.

If i comment about the pic, will i be ba7ankesh 3aleha (Mystery)?